• DAVANTAGE makes a difference and has real impact on the “system” in different ways by
    • Effectively taking homeless off the street, different from just distribution
    • Allowing them to stay as guest in a “transitional community”, different from an overcrowded and noisy shelter, or an isolating and lonely apartment
    • Approaching in a “personalized  and holistic” way different from a clinical, categorizing and bureaucratic service center
    • Focussing on the ultimate goal of “self-reliance” different from maintaining them in the system of dependency and charity
    • Focussing on long-term durable answers for those unable to become “self-reliant” due to special needs (pts, old age, mental health issues, handicap…), or those who simply can’t manage alone


  • DAVANTAGE continues the implementation of its program
    • to run the actually existing  transitional communities …. while dreaming of … mushrooming other  small, grassroot, inclusive and integrated transitional communities throughout D.C. in the future
    • to improve quality and build capacity for its staff by holistic (including professional) training,formation, specialisation … while dreaming of … of welcoming increased numbers of committed and professionally trained staff allowing the spreading of communities to happen
    • to create opportunities of self-employment (mechanic, painter, driver, etc.) … while dreaming of … a garage, a taxi-service, a landscaping-team, etc.  
    • to prepare for vision for  long-term solutions … while dreaming of … developing group-homes for those unable to go their own way