“the “small goodness” from one person to his fellowman is lost and deformed as soon as it seeks organization and universality and system, as soon as it opts for doctrine, a treatise of politics and theology, a party, a state, and even a church. Yet it remains the sole refuge of the good in being. Unbeaten, it undergoes the violence of evil, which, as small goodness, it can neither vanquish nor drive out. A little kindness going only from man to man, not crossing distances to get to the places where events and forces unfold! A remarkable utopia of the good or the secret of its beyond.”  (Emmanuel Levinas)

Volunteers shared Christmas Dinner with the homeless at the Sacred Heart Dinner Program.   These are small acts of kindness, small acts of goodness … but they go to the very core of our mission as DAVANTAGE.   To share a meal, to listen, to cut hair,  to provide a bed for the night and some warm clothes, to accompany to the hospital, … these acts seem insignificant, invisible … they are a silent participation at the creation of of the world.    Any organization or system that does not renew itself constantly through small organic acts of goodness becomes useless and empty.

The operational strenght of DAVANTAGE  is to welcome those who knock at the door, to live with them, to listen to them and to act on their immediate needs.

May this also be its path in 2019 !   DAVANTAGE will keep focus on the importance of meeting the other as a source of mutual resonsibility.   Every encounter is a mutual sharing of blessings !  Every visitor for DAVANTAGE is a blessing     Blessed 2019

Blessings to Fatima House !

Brothers of Charity volunteer sharing community with homeless coming from the street.  They offer them a “transitional” solution while in search for a way forward towards self-reliance.    The brothers experience as a challenge and as privilege to be able to “welcome the homeless, to share with them and help them”.   Challenges and frustrations are part of  daily life. The community works for the spirit of “belonging and healing” of its members.

The daily life of Fatima House is full of small moments of joy and sorrow.   Some find a job, others lose their job, some get social benefits while others continue to err on the roads of bureaucracy, new volunteers arrived, others came to share food and cloths, new alliances, new friends, etc.     The year was overshadowed with some painful moments : Carlos and Michelle passed away, Oscar in rehabilitation after a stroke, Raimen  disappeared shortly after arriving, Evert rejoiced in May becoming new father of Julian, but was deported to Honduras three months later, leaving his child behind and a mother  in difficulties.

May 2019 be a year of blessings !




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