We can turn the tide … because we refuse to accept.

We refuse to accept that people have to sleep at the doorsteps of churches because they lack a decent place to stay that they can call “home”.    We refuse to accept the hopelessness and loneliness of elderly people without sufficient food and care.  We refuse to accept that people with mental health issues roam the streets and lack for many reasons the special care they need.  We refuse to accept that veterans have to deal with their traumas on their own.   We refuse to accept any person to go hungry or thirsty at the doorsteps of our houses.   We refuse to accept to see people excluded from society even if they have completed the sentence for past mistakes.  We refuse to accept any social injustices.

We can make a difference. We can turn the tide.  We can transform negative in positive !  We have not done enough … We can do DAVANTAGE.

We must act, and inspire others to act.  We must spread a fire of small acts of genuine goodness.  We can and we must spread fire and light …     We can be source of life.  We can resist the  bureaucracy and systems that don’t give life, but nourish themselves on the lives of all persons that come in contact with them.  We promote creativity to find unexplored solutions.   We don’t give up.   There is always something we can do !   We can always do “DAVANTAGE” !

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